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Having great fun with the minutiae of design.

Having opted for a square format for the book, at quite a large size, Erica and I came to the conclusion that a two column design will be easier to read than long continuous lines across the page. This also harks back to the manuscripts in which some of the background stories were collected, notably The Red Book of Hergest.

What typeface? Goudy. Classic, spacious, and easy to read

Originally I had planned that the tales Gwern tells, embedded within the main story, would be in a different face, perhaps a sans-serif. This was how the draft was set out. Editor Debi Alper advised that this device broke up the flow for the reader, so we have Goudy throughout.

What style of drop caps for the first letter of each chapter? Probably a William Morris design. It may be a bit artsy-craftsy, but the hint of Celtic, and the leaves in the backgrounds, fit well.

Then there’s the page-count, with every set of four costing more. This is a major consideration when paper prices have recently shot through the roof.

And the cover image. Still not decided.

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