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Prestige Printing Options

I haven't yet chosen a printer for Gog-Magog. But I'm happy to say that Pureprint of Hailsham have been very helpful. Their man Richard showed me some lovely books they've made, with gold edging to the pages, gold embossed covers, and presentation boxes that will last for years.

My favourite cover was faux-leather - I wouldn't want real leather, but the effect seemed to match the novel. I was tempted by a linen-like texture, too. Decisions, decisions.

And paper, so much paper. All those different weights, textures and tints to choose from. My favourite was, of course, insanely expensive. I think it would be cheaper to bleach £5 notes and print on them.

What I do know is that it's possible to make a beautiful book that will be a pleasure to look at and to hold, as well as to read.

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