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Gog-Magog is illustrated with lino-cut prints by Emily Johns. Her individual style reflects both the traditional and modern themes in the story.

Emily is an award-winning printmaker who has exhibited all over England. 

All of the illustrations are available as full-sized limited edition prints

(c. 40x40cm) on art paper, signed by Emily.

Illustrations page A
Illustrations Print B

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Print A: The Hunt

Hunting for deer on the Tibetan Plateau, Gwern and his cousin Barl are spotted by men who have penetrated the Veil that should have kept them out of the Mharos's lands. The men want to capture two 'Yeti'.  


Print B: Gwern, Barl and Uncle Ewan

The three Mharos inspect men's devices, and realise they use a kind of magic that the Mharos cannot control. The danger posed by humans looms. But the Council of Elders decide that Gwern and Barl brought the men closer, and punish them.

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Kama Dorje.jpg

Print C: Kama Dorje

Gwern and Barl resolve to return to Albion to seek the lost head of Bran the Blessed, a relic that may have the power to protect the Mharos. They are helped by the hermit Kama Dorje, but he knows little more of the modern world than they do. 

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Print D: Gwern frees the sad bears

In a modern city, they come across a zoo, and realise the Mharos's fate should the quest fail. Their attempt to free the zoo animals ends in tragedy. 

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Print E: The fairy Nhiasse

After finally arriving in Albion, Gwern is tended by the fairies who live on the chalk downs. Nhiasse travels with him on the next stage of his quest: to discover what happened to the head of Bran the Blessed.

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Print F: The witch Rhiannon

Gwern tells Nhiasse the old tales about the places they come to: how the Severn got its name, the story of Ursula's Stones, where they meet a secretive Goblin. They discover they are being guided by Rhiannon, and followed by a man.

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Print G: Weland's Forge

Where earth-paths cross, they meet elves who take them to an ancient barrow. Gwern is drawn underground, and finds a powerful artefact - but not the one he's looking for. He recounts the tale of the legendary smith, Weland, half-god, half-giant.

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Dinas Magog.jpg

Print H: Dinas Magog

After more adventures, they come to the Gaints' old home, Dinas Magog, under St Michael's Mount. Gwern must face the heirs of the Giants' bitterest enemy, Jack the Slayer. When he thinks his quest is at last successful, he finds that nothing was as he thought.

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Map: Gwern's Journey in Albion

Gwern travels through Albion, meeting fairies, Wiccans, goblins and elves. His serch for Bran's head takes him to ancient sites of myth and legend: St Michael's Mount, Tintagel, Snowdon, the Rollright Stones, Weyland's Smithy and more.

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